Carbide Drill Bit For Drilling Into Concrete?

Concrete is one of materials among several, which needs to go through drilling process for various reasons. This is tough in nature due to its composition of sand, stone and gravel. This tough attribute makes it hard to penetrate through any type of bit. Here, you need a bit, which can withstand against the sturdiness of this material. Therefore, masonry bits are used for this purpose. These are the drill bits which are manufactured from steel and tungsten carbide. Steel is used to form the body while the tip is built from the tungsten carbide. This material makes the tip sturdy enough to stand against a tough material, without any wear and tear.

This is mounted on the hammer drill to penetrate the concrete wall accurately. These bits are categorized as carbide bits which are popular in manufacturing, production, and construction industries. As mentioned above, these types of bits are mounted on drill, especially hammer drill, to provide the desired result for specific drilling purpose.

To form such bits, the mixture of Tungsten carbide and carbide is used, which makes these bits hard enough to cut any hard materials easily. And the best part is- you can use the bit multiple times, without losing the sharpness. Thus, it can work longer than other bits without going through any sharpening process. Therefore, it costs very expensive and that is why the majority of companies take help from carbide recyclers that collect the carbide scrap from several industries and then, artisans of machine shops build these bits.

You can further categorize such bits into two- the carbide tipped bit and solid carbide bit. The bit with carbide tip is used widely by most of the industries for various drilling requirements, because it can cost less expensive than the solid carbide. These drill bits are designed with long lifespan, which is the second main attribute of such cutting tools, but you cannot stop the strongest bit going dull, and this is the same case with this type of bit. You can take your bit to the machine shop for resharpening, and increase the lifespan for few more use.

This type of bit has five parts which are combined to form the one. Shank is the first component which has hollow grooves that makes the bit fit into the hammer drill. Land is another part where spiral begins. Flute is the next component which helps the bit in extracting the debris for drilling with efficiency. Head and the tip are another two components that work together to initiate the drilling on a concrete surface.


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